Harness The Power Of 3 With Salonwired


For centuries and throughout history, mankind has realized the relevance, power and efficiency of the number 3!

At Salonwired we have simplified our process with the Power of 3 philosophy in mind. Simply put we evaluate and determine all needed information against the 3 primary elements of Financial Performance, Operations & Marketing and Social Smarts of your organization.

Then working still in 3’s we determine the 3 most significant and impactful success strategies to apply against the 3 primary components of all salon and spa organizations, Your Staff, Your Clients and Your Profitability!

This Salonwired Power of 3 Package features a 90 day all inclusive consulting and development package with all 3 members of the nationally recognized and acclaimed Salonwired Business Development Team!

The Power of 3 Package Includes

  • A complete evaluation of your company’s current financial status, budget creation and financial goals focusing on profitability, productivity and financial forecasts required to meet those goals.

  • An operations and marketing evaluation that will then determine the immediate marketing strategy required to achieve the financial goals established in order to achieve the desired level of efficiency and profitability.

  • A complete evaluation of your existing social media status and procedures from both internal and external levels. From this evaluation you will then receive Power of 3 social media recommendations and the required strategy to achieve them!

Each of the 3 segments of the Power of 3 Package available individually. Ask for details!

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