Our Expertise

The three person team at Salonwired combines over 50 years of practical and industry specific business experience! As salon owners, managers and social media specialist the team at Salonwired have been highly recognized as industry experts that have brought their expertise to the professional salon industry at all levels.
Working as industry educators, guest speakers and business consultants the Salonwired team has become highly recognized and respected in their prospective areas of expertise.
Financial Performance

Knowing, understanding and controlling the critical financial factors of any business is the first and most important step not only to the businesses profitability but in so many cases the basis on which the majority of all other system and process decisions are made.


Evaluating and structuring your organizations financial performance in a simplistic and efficient manner is a keystone service provided by the Salonwired team!

Operations & Marketing

Operations are the systems and processes you would use in all areas to insure the most consistent and efficient daily activity of a business. 


The primary purpose of marketing is to create and maximize sales revenue. As a result of your financial performance analysis combined with the Salonwired marketing expertise we will help you create the marketing strategy and campaigns specific to your revenue needs!  

Social Smarts

While many businesses have a social media presence, many are not engaging on those platforms and thus not meeting their goals.


Knowing “YOUR SCORE” (How your growth indicators compare to the industry average) as Fennel would say, and what efforts are in place in terms of your operations & marketing, you will be able to create a concise social media strategy that you can execute with precision that will directly affect your growth indicators. 

The Power of 3!
For centuries and throughout history mankind has realized the relevance, power and efficiency of the number 3!
At Salonwired we have simplified our process with the Power of 3 philosophy in mind. Simply put we evaluate and determine all needed information against the 3 primary elements of Financial Performance, Operations & Marketing and Social Smarts of your organization.
Then working still in 3’s we determine the 3 most significant and impactful success strategies to apply against the 3 primary components of all salon and spa organizations, Your Staff, Your Clients and Your Profitability!